Share your own recipes!

As part of our exhibition, we have produced a booklet featuring recipes from different historical periods, spanning from a Roman ostrich ragout to chocolate ‘chirp’ cookies containing crickets! If you’ve had a go at any of the recipes then please share your experiences below! Also please feel free to share any recipes of your own. We […]

Who Do We Eat With: G20 Summit Dinner

Representatives of 19 countries and the EU meet at G20 Summits to discuss international finance and stability. In 2009 London hosted the summit, which included a formal dinner in Downing Street for all those present. The dinner was produced by Jamie Oliver and consisted of entirely British fare. Visit our display at the end of […]

What Do We Eat: Bugs for Life

Insects are eaten in around 80% of the world’s nations, and are enjoyed by over 2 billion people on a regular basis. The UN advocates insects as a sustainable protein source for the expanding global population. Humans can eat 1,909 different species of insects and they are highly nutritious. Low in fat and rich in vitamins […]