Welcome to The Key Ingredient exhibition!

‘The Key Ingredient: Food in Social Relationships’ is an exhibition curated by MA Museum Studies students at UCL. It is located in the Leventis Gallery in the Institute of Archaeology, Gordon Square, London.

From prehistory to the present day we have used food to build and sustain social relationships. Food is a natural element of social interaction, but it can also be used strategically to further an agenda or express identity. In the family meal to the state dinner, what we eat and how we eat it can shape who we are as both individuals and as a group. This exhibition explores the way that food underpins personal relations, as well as investigates how it can be used as a vehicle for power.

This blog provides a forum for discussion for some of the issues raised in the exhibition display and on our interactive touchscreen in the gallery. Please watch the videos and read our posts, and join in the discussions! If you can, then also check out the exhibition display itself to see an exciting range of food-related objects, spanning from prehistory to the present day.

The exhibition is open to the public and runs from May 2013- May 2014.

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