Who Do We Eat With: G20 Summit Dinner

Representatives of 19 countries and the EU meet at G20 Summits to discuss international finance and stability. In 2009 London hosted the summit, which included a formal dinner in Downing Street for all those present.

The dinner was produced by Jamie Oliver and consisted of entirely British fare. Visit our display at the end of the Leventis Gallery to see a reproduction of the original menu!

The host is normally considered the most important (in this case Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of the UK) with the next most important seats radiating out from his position. Below is the central section of the dinner’s seating plan, which 29 world leaders attended.

Have you ever used food to influence social relationships? Or experienced this being done to you? Please leave a comment below to join the discussion!

 Screen shot 2013-04-17 at 19.47.45

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